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Introducing STAN

The world’s first property management assistant for condominiums powered by artificial intelligence


What is STAN?

STAN is the world’s first property management assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

  • No apps or software needed
  • Every building receives its own phone number to text STAN
  • Anyone can text STAN to ask a question
  • STAN responds instantly 24/7/365
  • With the power of artificial intelligence, STAN gets smarter with every interaction

How will STAN help YOU?

Attracting new clients with advanced technology

Providing immediate responses 24/7/365

Reducing time spent on resident inquiries

Improving customer satisfaction

Increasing client retention

How it works

Get Started

Don’t worry… you don’t have to lift a finger to start using STAN. Our onboarding process is completely painless. Our team manages the entire set-up for you at no cost! Here’s how:

Step 1


We will follow up right away to share more about how STAN can assist you.

Step 2


Our team will complete a detailed checklist to set you up. You don't lift a finger!

Step 3


STAN starts assisting residents, owners and board members right away!


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